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press question

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I noticed homier is selling a 6 ton A frame style press for $39.99. And do a search for 6 ton shop press. Is this press to small for most AK builds? It definitely is a good price - but I remember most use a 12 or 20 ton press. I currently have access to a press, so am not really in the market for one - but figured for the price this would be a good one if it would work for doing AK builds.
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They come around all the time. Just get on their mailing list and they let you know when they come near you. I think your right about the rivets. Mine seem to smash farily easily with the 20 ton. I couldn't find the picture of the 6 ton. When I push out my barrels, the barrel is face down with the trunnion up. I could easily do it with a press that had just 6 in. to work with. When I reinstall mine, I hammer it in. If I could get 6 in. of clearance I think it is doable to remove barrel. Just depends on if you are using special jigs like Xebec's. I think the barrel is reversed with it and you would need a lot of clearance. Can't beat the price though.
Everytime I show up to see if they have one, they are already sold out. If you do try to get one when they come in town, go early.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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