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Pressing barrel

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Well today I pressed my first barrel. I got a polish underfolder with the trunion removed and since I don't have a press I decided to give it a shot pookies way. I lubed the trunion & barrel with RCBS case lube and put it in a pipe clamp and lo and behold the sucker started to go in. It seemed s bit crooked so I tapped the clamp jaw with a hammer and that got it straight and in it went. The pin was lubed the same way and I got that in using my shop vise. Now I know I got lucky because the AMD 65's I have never would have budged.Tried it, broke the clamp and finally drilled out the rivets and screwed them together. I think the case lube might be the way to go :headspin:
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I know a press is the way to go but I just kept looking at all that good stuff in the box and just had to start messing with it. A friend has a 40 ton press so I figured if I got into trouble he could bail me out. I just got lucky on this one. It's going great so far and tomorrow I will make & install the lower rails and attack the folder and if that goes ok put in the FCG and shoot the sucker!!
hotbarrel said:
it sounds like it is time for some pics.. or at least pretty soon :headspin:
Not quite yet: Just got the underfolder stuff figured out & installed. Need to make the rails & install & FCG, then test & shake & bake. I will post a pic when it is finished. The polish underfolder is a sweet AK but unfortunately I have been pretty busy and unable to work on it. Will give it hell this weekend
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