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Pressing barrel

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Well today I pressed my first barrel. I got a polish underfolder with the trunion removed and since I don't have a press I decided to give it a shot pookies way. I lubed the trunion & barrel with RCBS case lube and put it in a pipe clamp and lo and behold the sucker started to go in. It seemed s bit crooked so I tapped the clamp jaw with a hammer and that got it straight and in it went. The pin was lubed the same way and I got that in using my shop vise. Now I know I got lucky because the AMD 65's I have never would have budged.Tried it, broke the clamp and finally drilled out the rivets and screwed them together. I think the case lube might be the way to go :headspin:
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sounds great. I hope your luck holds up for the rest of the build. It is great to know other guys are haveing good results with unconventional methods. most of my methods are differant but they work great for me.. LOL
it sounds like it is time for some pics.. or at least pretty soon :headspin:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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