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Prior Service Enlistment Requirements

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does anyone know or have a link to what the current requirements are to go back into the services ? i've been searching online a bit and not really finding the info i want. figure i can call the recruiter tomorrow but why waste his time if i'm not able ?

i was in 85-94 honorable discharge i'm now 42, going back into my old MOS is perfectly fine with me it was 11B
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ok n/m i think i found it age is 42 less any years prior service as NG i guess those 9 years don't count but that's ok i'll call the recruiter tomorrow or maybe stop in find out what the height weight requirements are i've overweight now but my b/d isn't till december so that gives me 6 monthes to make it i'll see what they have to say tomorrow, i shoulda gone active long ago
i went that route before
but so you know the years from your national gaurd service only counts as far as time in grade so if your an e5 your time would add up with the ng service and may count as being in too long for your grade
had that happen to me said if i diddnt get promoted right away id be out for too much time in grade
i mean i just went in active and they told me this(was many years ago)so i had to get an immidiate promotion to stay in?
i worked it out with personel so i can have ample time to be up for it
just watch the bs there gonna pull and they will!!
good luck pal!!
oh and the new acus suck ass!!!velcro only sticks to stuff you dont want it to-like your socks!
Vietnam veteran is oldest Iraq casualtyStory Highlights
Maj. Steven Hutchison, age 60, killed by roadside bomb

Hutchison joined Army at age 19, served in Vietnam

Major returned to active duty at age 57

updated 5:56 p.m. EDT, Fri May 15, 2009Next Article in World »


(CNN) -- A Vietnam War veteran killed in an Iraq roadside bombing this week has become the oldest American service member to be killed in either Iraq or Afghan combat, the Pentagon has confirmed.

Maj. Steven Hutchison died in a roadside bomb attack last Sunday near Basra, Iraq.

Maj. Steven Hutchison -- a 60-year-old soldier from Scottsdale, Arizona -- died Sunday in the southern Iraqi city of Basra after a bomb went off near his vehicle in the region.

Hutchison spanned two war eras. He enlisted in the Army at 19 and served in Vietnam, according to a news report on CNN affiliate KNXV-TV.

Hutchison wanted to serve again after the September 11 attacks, but his wife opposed that.

His wife died of breast cancer in 2006, and Hutchison was "devastated," his brother Richard Hutchison told KNXV.

Steve Hutchison jogged, got into great physical shape and returned to Army active duty at age 57 in Afghanistan and then Iraq.

He had been assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kansas.

"He's been a soldier his whole life," Richard Hutchison said.
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Vietnam veteran is oldest Iraq casualty -
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