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"Mine were out a whole lot" means nothing... How much were they out? Did the action fail to operate? Did they even test?

It has been my observation that there is a great deal of tolerance for hole location, so a slight amount shouldn't affect functionality. I've built from several templates and had no problems so far. YMMV.

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Coldsteel Receiver Blank Center Punched Location Holes

Hi Guys-

I have worked out the problem with the locations holes being off on the blanks. My customers seem pleased with the results. Here is what Leper had to say:
leper said:
i sent my old cs reciever back to cold steel on 8 aug, a month and 2 hurricanes later, i recieved a beauty in the mail today. nice square corners, even surfaces, true, square, ect. thanks for the greatly improved product, and i would have no problem recomending one to anybody. thanks again
or you can go to see what Chad Gassaway had to say about his replacement blanks I am always willing to help to correct any problems, I just need to hear about them.

Coldsteel :thankyou:
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