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PSL barrel WILL NOT come out.

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I'm working on getting my PSL barrel out of the trunnion. I got the barrel pin out with little difficulty with my arbor press and a BFH.

I put the barrel/trunnion in the press and smacked it with a 3 pound sledge until the press bar has deformed on the top. I have broken every material that I put between the arbor press and the barrel. Brass fittings deform, bolts bend, etc. I then tried a gear puller in the vise and the gear puller broke after a LOT of stress.

I have lubed it with penetrating oil.

I don't have a shop press, but it's been my experience that if the Arbor/BFH doesn't work, a shop press won't either.

What's next?

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is this in a "stub" or in a full reciever. if the stub them the power stearing pully puller is the best, if no press
well id deffinatly try a press I doubt your arbor press is putting out 10,000 PSI or more Id possaby try to find a shop with a 20 or 30 ton press . Id throw some light heat on it under 400 degrees few times and let it cycle i use a nickle with a pipe plug with hole drilled in it. If you keep screwing around with it your going to wreck your chamber.

find some one with a serious press and it will come out one way or the other. those Harbor freight things flex a lt and even though there 20 tons the flex a lot befopre you get there . taake a 6 pack to a shop that has a industrial size press at the end of the day on friday.
Thanks for the suggestions guys! I had heard "gear puller" forever but never "power steering pulley puller". That was what I needed to find the right tool. I went out to Advance Auto Parts, bought the "PSPP", came home and used it with a 2 foot breaker bar. 10 minutes later the barrel was out. Despite being locked tight into my vise, the PSPP came loose twice by method of deforming the front of the trunnion. I'm a little disappointed by that, but the moved metal is small and a little stoning and it will be undetectable when inside the receiver.

1biggun: One of the reasons I was having so much trouble is that I was worrying about not damaging the lip of the chamber. So I was extra careful to buffer the pressure in that area. Now that it is out, it looks like I was successful and the chamber is undamaged.

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Gear puller from Auto Zone works great. Don't forget to use a nickel, pennies never worked for me.
I was worried that pressing with a flat surface on the end of the barrel might change the headspace since 7.62x54R headspaces on the rim, and thus the end of the barrel, unlike x39 ammo... Good to hear this is not an issue. And now I'm off to autozone...
I use a cut-down spent brass 7.62x54r case to push them out, topped by a nickel. The power steering pulley puller works well.
Yep, I buffered the PSPP with 2 nickels. They are the prefect size as they are almost exactly the same diameter has the barrel.

but a little steel somthing on top of the nickles if your puller is pointed i use a pipe plug with a hex hole. I also put a C clamp across the jaws to keep theim in place.

Glad you got it out.
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