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PSO-1 Side Plate Advice

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I am going to buy a PSO-1 from centerfire for my AMD65, and need a side plate to mount it on. I've heard that it will only stay on certain side plates, ones with a closed right end. I really don't know what this means.

Can anybody point me to the most inexpensive one that will work? Or even better, does anybody have an extra one they want to sell?

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Its never that simple.

Would this one work? It'd save me on shipping

Chinese AK Side Rail Scope Mount

Also, can anyone link me to a tutorial and let me know what hardware I'd need to mount it?

What would I do without gunco?
Is this the scope your thinking of getting?
Original Romanian PSO-1 4x24 Scope #DRASCO

You need a rail for the SVD/SKS, this one is a copy but close to that style.
East Wave Products Inc.
Thats the one. I got it today and it looks great. Now I just need a mount. That one looks good, but how does it attach to the rifle? I don't see any rivet holes
Despite the ad on centerfire, I'm pretty sure its an LPS scope, not a pso-1. I'm not sure if this changes anything.
With that side mount you make the rivet holes. Using the pic in the link - One near the left in that curved area, one centered and to the right in that half round cut out slot (this one is counter sunk a little).

It could be a model LPS, mine has the same thing on it, it's most likely a Romy copy of the PSO-1. You have to remember almost all the Comblock countries used Russian designs and just changed the model #s or names.
Cool, that seems like a good deal. Is east wave reliable? Their ordering system does not inspire great confidence.
The scope rail at Center fire, the Chinese one is Just as good and a lot less trouble.
All PSOP, and PSO,will fit these rails. Just make sure your rail is on stright and in the correct place.
I got one of those scopes from centerfire and it doesn't fit on that chinese rail. The scope has a pin in the front that stops it from fitting. I drove out the pin and it slide on but not moves forward on recoil. Probably could add something to stop the forward movement but just haven't had time to look at it.

Nice scope for the $$.
I kinda thought it should fit, but I've never used either of these before.

Maybe I can dremel the rail so it can fit over the pin? The only thing is I don't see anything that would keep the scope from sliding forwards besides the tension from the spring.
Well I got the scope adjusted, and it now fits to the mount quite snugly. The only problem seems to be, as mentioned before, is that there is a pin that keeps the scope from fitting all the way on the rail.

I'm thinking of just trimming the rail.

Here is an inexcusably bad picture that might clarify the situation

EDIT: On second examination, I need to shave from the other side, but its the same idea. Sorry, I'm a mess tonight.


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The AK style rail doesn't work properly with these scopes, if you look at the style rail I linked to earlier, the pin on the scope stops against that curved/rounded area on the left.
Even if you mod some stuff to get the scope and AK rail to work together, the scope might be back further then it should be if the rail is mounted in the standard AK location.

Now if you don't mind that it's black, this can be put on the scope so it can be used on an AK rail without modding anything.
POSP AK Bottom Mount w/ Black Finish for POSP Scopes - Hot Swappable!
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