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I hava a quick Question for HCPookie after seeing your wonderful website :thankyou: Which build method do you think is easier for an absolute klutz novice = Boltcutters or Screw build??

Many thanks in advance, Bill.

PS, You really should put your website contents into a DVD & sell it. I know I'd buy one yesterday!!:thumbup1:

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I did my first build as a screw build. Either way has its pros/cons.

If you really want to 'start small' consider a Saiga conversion. It takes a lot of guts to put a perfectly good gun under a dremel... get over that and you'll be good! ;)

Now, IF you want to really jump into the deep end, just go "all the way" and do the rivet build. My website was built to get someone absolutely clueless up to speed in a hurry... lots of FUD out there and my goal was to clarify the process.

Rivets take a bit more investment of parts/time/labor but the payoff is you get the factory look.

My friend wants the final product - doesn't like to get his hands dirty - so he'd rather just buy one! :( IMO the build is half the fun. "I built this" gives a good sense of accomplishment. Screws are good for the one-time builder. My boltcutter conversion is good but you spend more money vs. taps & dies, so what do YOU want to do? ;)
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