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I am doing a bullpup project, and am hung up my one thing.

I need the Handguard retainer to be rock solid with no movement.
I first thought of just slightly sliding it back which I have room, and making a new indentation in the barrel just deep enough so I can use a tension pin thus making it solid. I have allready removed the lever which use to hold it in place. so I can see the topp part of the barrel.
But I can't get the perfect half moon to be assured of a tight pinned grip.

I can't weld because it is in the middle of the barrel and will no doubt warp it.

Now I am thinking of trying to wrap that area with a shim, but would have to cut the shim in the two areas where the indents are for the inner h/g guides. Then press it on.

Got any suggestions. ???????????????
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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