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Everyone say's if you want things done (right) do them yourself.

Well here I am wanting rails and no one has them.

So, Kevin is going to have some made. 100 pieces of each.

I have spent too much time working on the drawings. All the lines must connect (remember the lines are our freinds), the corner angles can't be too tight, all the measurements I have checked about 5 or 6 times.

I have no clue if it's perfect, but it's got to be damn close.

So, the last and most important (to me , and I'm sure most everyone) is the hardness of the rail itself.

I need to know, how hard does it need to be ?

The hardness scale is confusing, there's Rockwell A/C/D 15N/30N/45N, Brinell, Vickers, Sclero-scope, U.T.S.......????
....There are probably more.

I'm thinking of 52100 steel in .039.......(Brinell 200) Should place it in Rockwell A about 58???

metal men mention what's on your mind......

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rail job


Max just headed for Aruba and he knows a whole lot more about these than I do.

My impression was that the left rail with the ejector is substantially thicker than the right one.

They should have the lower legs as magazine stabilizers.

The' 74 ejector is longer than the' 47.

And hardening is not a factor except on the ejector.

There are bad rails out there that do not meet one or more of these stipulations.
I mention this because if you've got to foot a bill for 100 of them, they should get them right.


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Exactly, I would like someone's eyeball on this. (that knows measurements/hardness) We could do a group thing. The concept is less than $2.00 per rail @100 pieces. I just got thru playing with the receiver with all the holes under $9.00 each. (legal problems there, so that is NOT happening)
It's just damn amazing what you can find on the internet.


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hcpookie said:
Very cool. What is that, the emachineshop thing?

Yes, thats what got me thinking about it. The problem with them is they don't list 4130. There is also no way for me to know accurately what the outside dimensions are. (as they are effected by the material thickness and I don't have a rail to look at with the exception of what's in my OOW's)
I have contacted some local shops and they weren't much help either.
I believe my drawing is accurate, but I hate to jump in the water blind.
The only way would be confirmation on hardness. I could have a prototype made but the cost is extreme.
I am still examining the feasibility at this point.
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