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Re-enacting Gear WW2 w/ prices and pics

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I have decided to break all the gear up for sale.

2 K98 GERMAN bayonets (1 wood handle w/cosmo, 1 with bakelight grips) (Wood Pictured, both for sale) Wood [$125.00] / Bakelight gripped (not pictured) [$70.00]

1 Gasmask and 2 containers with 1 new filter (israeli filter)and 1 old original nazi filter with eagle/swastica tag sticker.Gas mask accessories original with packaging... (Authentic) [$175.00 for Complete Gas Mask Can with Mask, accessories, etc.] 2nd Gas mask can (empty) [$40.00]

2 Marked Black Cartridge cases (1 med condition/1 poor) [$40.00/$30.00 respectively]

1 Lard container (bakelight) (not sure whether Authentic or Bundes) [$15.00] Only Lard dish, not contents in picture.

1 Bread bag
M35 ? (rolled rim helmet) (repro helmet cover) (I believe the helmet is size 61) [$200.00]

2 Zeltbahns [$125.00 each]

1 K98 muzzle cover *hinged* [$40.00]

1 DEINST BRILLE (case w/ paperwork NOT filled out) as well as 1 pair of period glasses for the Deinst Brille case. (Authentic) [$125.00]

1 A Frame (repro) [$100.00] (does not come with the gear shown, A-Frame ONLY)

1 set Y straps (Modified Swiss) [$150.00]

2 Mess Tins 1 original (dated)/ other Bundes)

1 pair German Cold Weather Boots

1 pair German ankle boots [Swiss modified]
1 pair M43 field trousers (worn 1 time) (repro) [$150.00] Size 118 cm?

1 M43 hat (repro, with eagle and swastica badge) [$60.00]

Field Trouser suspenders (new)
HUGE number of 8mm blanks in MG cannister [$75.00]

Toque x 2
2 GOTT MIT UNS dated/stamped/authentic belt buckles

1 Black belt
Period (new old stock) razor blades
Authentic German canteen

Marked WWII German Entrenching tool (Authentic) and carrier (unknown) [$200.00]

1 pair ankle gators (I am not sure but I will mark as repro) [$35.00]

2 K98 cleaning kits *(tobacco type)* [I know 1 is authentic as it is stamped, the other may be Bund) [$40 for Authentic | $30 for Bund ]

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