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Rear sight windage adjustment

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Need some advice. My friend has a Saiga12 with the basic AK-style rear sight. We need to adjust windage by about an entire front bead's width. The rear sight won't budge. I'm soaking it in some break-free to see if the dovetail may just be tight. I thought these were normally adjustable with a hammer and brass punch?
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They are in there really tight, then peened. There was mention on the Saiga forum of some people knocking the rear sight base loose from smacking on it to much.
I removed mine and it took a hell of a blow to get it to move, once it broke loose it moved fairly easy, so you might have to move it to far then set it where you want it.
OK at least I'm not going crazy :)

I used the 3 lb sledge and a punch and it didn't move, so if it is peened then I will probably have to file the dovetail to get it to move again. Or heat it up. Problem is we just duracoated this so I really don't want to get real drastic with it.
Yeah it's most likely a really tight one, I got mine to move with a 2 lb ball peen and a couple good hits.
Well I 'fixed' it by welding over the notch and using as thin a dremel cutting wheel as I could find to cut a new notch! :) Worked pretty good too! Unfortunately I have to touch up that area but I gave up as I did not want to damage the gun by hammering. Sometimes a bigger hammer is NOT the right answer ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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