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Just out of curiosity, which receiver is the easiest and top of the line to build? I guess let me be a little more specific.....Which requires less filing/cutting (work) to fit trunnions, magwell, rails etc.?
I'm trying to help a friend start a build, but my builds are blank/flats. So I really don't know where to start with an FFL prefab. receiver.
He's lookin' for a receiver build that the only thing he has to do is install the trigger guard, front and rear trunions and press the barrel. He's looking for minimal work on filing rails trimming/cutting etc without spending a $100.00 plus. Also a company that has a good reputation and are easy to deal with. Below are some options, If I've left any out please let us know. Thanks!

Ohio Ordnance Works (OOW).....$59.95 +FFL
Guns N' Stuff (FAC).....$69.95 +FFL
Global Trades.....$69.95 +FFL
JoekenFirearms.....$49.95 +FFL
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OOW definately..

I'm not sure about the Guns n stuff, it is probably a OOW that they are selling there at a higher price..

Global's receiver is too thick, and requires too much work..

Joeken sucks, don't give them the time of day...
I think the term "Joeken Sucks" is both vulgar and not exactly accurate. Many, many people have very sucesfully built fine AKs will Joekens (Vulcan) receivers. True they my need to have the ejectors harden and the trunion holes elongated a little to fit AMDs, but they work fine.

OOW receivers do have the problem of having the selector hole a little askew, but they also work very well.

Global receivers are the heavest and well constructed of the lot. They are a full 1.6mm thick as opposed to 1mm thick of the others.

The work to alter your trunions is minimal, and Global will do it for $12 per trunion. You also have to alter the selector slightly. But the receiver is almost as strong as a forged receiver. So I would say, if you don't mind a little effort it is the strongest receiver out there.

I would say that Joekens Vulcan receiver and OOW are probably easier to work with but you will have to spot the trunion holes on the OOW receiver. The Joeken already has them there, albeit not exactly where they should be, but still doable.
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Check this out!
Does anyone know why others are going to the thicker receivers?
Well I do....It's not becouse of defect or false tensil strength.
For over 50 years the stamped receivers at 1.0 worked great, Just as good as the milled. But were mass produced (A hell of alot quicker and easier).
4130 flat (cold) sheet steel at 1.0 is extremly hard to come by now.
Sooo, they go thicker! Which is better. Huh?
At least that's what she said. HA! :lolup:
You don't want to go thinner, Right?
The cost of everthing is going up^.
From lumber to plastic to steel. Inflation perhaps.
It's a trickle effect of some sort.
I have no idea tech. why but if one consumes a resource. You find another way. Correct?
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Chiroone said:
I think the term "Joeken Sucks" is both vulgar and not exactly accurate. Many, many people have very sucesfully built fine AKs will Joekens (Vulcan) receivers. True they my need to have the ejectors harden and the trunion holes elongated a little to fit AMDs, but they work fine.


I was refering to the Company of Joeken, not the receiver, which is made by Hesse Vulcan, or whatever they are calling themselves these days..

The Vulcan receivers are said to be good, but they can be bought from other sources than the asshats at Joekin.. That company constantly receives very, very, very bad reviews...

The Global receivers, there is no need to make it out of 1.6mm steel.. If they can't find 1mm, they are not trying too damned hard.. How many coils of it do you want????

I think the story behind the Global receivers is something more along the lines of this... I belive they screwed up the dimensions for the stamping dies, and to compensate they use the 1.6mm steel.. They originally said it was to accomadate larger calibers, but that is crapola as the receiver is not physically larger enough to do larger calibers...

I also belive the upper bolt rails need worked on to fit your bolt, and the axis pins, and most rivet are not long enough,, also you must countersink with a bit, the steel on the trunnion rivet holes, to get the receiver to press into the counter sinks of the trunnion.. If that is not done you could have problems..

Ohio Rapid Fire has said they will not build on the Global receivers..
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you say you want the best and the one with the least amount of hand fitting. to be honest ANY reciever could require some fitting. I can think of ONLY ONE way to get a reciever that will not require any hand fitting on your part. that is a global reciever that THEY have allready fit up the parts for you. you can get one in ANY STAGE of compleation. includeing the trunions allready installed and or trigger guard installed. they can even press and head space the barrel for you if you like. in my opinion the reciever from global is the only one that has all thies optional stages of work allready done for you. This reciever is a great first time build decision if you are not intrested in riveting and all the potential alignment issues.
HONESTLY I would look at their page and see all the optional stages of compleation they offer. or call them they are great to deal with.

keep in mind if you do buy a global reciever and do not get the trunions from them they will need to be machined. they will machine your trunions if you need. but if you buy it from them allready installed that will be no issu at all.
A reciever with trunion and tang allready riveted and barrel installed will be a sweet easy build.

nouthing against any other brand but any one of them could require some "fitting" even with what we think of treditional trunion and tang.
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mike26038 said:
They originally said it was to accomadate larger calibers, but that is crapola as the receiver is not physically larger enough to do larger calibers...

Ohio Rapid Fire has said they will not build on the Global receivers..
Just to play devil's advocate would you trust .458 SOCOM in a 1.0mm stamped receiver? or .50 Beowulf? I would probably trust doing those in the laser-cut flats, the 0.050" Bent-Metal battle blanks, or maybe even the new thicker ACE blanks. I say I'd trust it, but I sure as hell would be hiding behind a tree with a string tied to the trigger!!!

Meeper on the FALFiles did an AK conversion to .50 Beowulf on a stamped receiver. There wasn't a lot of detail on the conversion though... If Meeper trusts a stamped receiver, I don't see why I shouldn't. Apparently the .50 Beowulf cartridge has the same case head size as a 7.62x39 round.

I think I'm going to agree with you on the stamping dies. Same goes with the OOW 7.62 receivers. "We made them like that so you have to fit the safety from the kit to the receiver to assure proper operation..." Bullcrap.

Todd at ORF is a pretty smart guy. If he's not using Global, there must be a reason. Maybe he just doesn't want to screw around with skim cutting trunnions and stock tangs. He is pretty busy. If he has to charge customers an extra amount to cover his work or the Global cost, he might lose business. Todd builds pretty much exclusively on OOW and he sells them outright at a REALLY decent price. If you had to choose between 2 rifles that were basically identical but one was $100 more because of a stiffer receiver, would you care? Now if you had to build 2 rifles that were basically identical but one cost $100 more, which would you build and sell? FWIW, I buy my OOWs from him.

I still might try one of the Global receivers. I don't want to make any decisions without actually seeing one in person. $174 is not cheap for one with trunnion and stock tang installed, but it is cheaper than a Firing Line milled receiver by about $115...

Now that I brought up the .50 Beowulf, I REALLY want to see the AK conversion up close. The .50 fits an AR mag with only minor feed lip modification, so I think Meeper's AK conversion uses AR mags.

Here's a pic of the exit wound in a 10" treated wood post subjected to .50 Beowulf shot. I wonder why Feinswine isn't all over this? Isn't this endangering children?

BTW, cops seem to LOVE the .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf AR conversions. I saw a .458 at Olde English in Vandalia and there were 5 LEOs ooohing and aaahing all over it. One actually made the comment about it making less paperwork since there wouldn't be an arrest or trial of the perp.
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The reason why global builds the 1.6 is because they intend on making higher caliber ak's in the future. As far as the thickness, it requires a little material taken off the trunions to fit them but if you can build an ak you should be able to do this with no problem. The thicker the better, in my opionion, but it does require a little more work. It's well worth it, though, because when your done you have a reciever comparable to a milled. The price is right also. The only reason I don't buy them is because you have to go through a ffl. I don't want any paper trails. The FEDS are coming for are guns. It is only a matter of time. Our rights are being deluted daily. The ban will never sunset, and they will be coming after all our guns. The amendments don't mean squash to the new breed of government. AK'SR4ME
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Vern's (Meeper) 50 beowulf conversion on the Ak uses weiger mags and the 50 beowulf conversion he did on the fal uses the AR mags if I remember correctly. I am pretty sure Vern also did an FAL in 10mm. As for the receivers I have used hesse and vulcan so far. They are decent receivers but some don't like them. I bought my hesse receiver from an individual on another gunboard and for the vulcan receivers I bought them from Aren Dela(name sp?) (dsspro is his username at gunsnet). Sure they cost more through him than through joeken - but I had them in my hands at right around a week. His advantage is that he isn't located very far from where the receivers are made. Now joeken does have more variety (kind of like a buffet) with the amd65 style, underfolder style, and the regualr vulcan receivers. Each there own though. I know my next receivers used will be bent from flats.
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The thickness of the reciever doesn't matter in an AK unless one ifs getting past .308, 30.06, and 7.62x54R rounds.

It's the trunion and bolt design that matters. The trunion is the strong point to keep and AK from blowing up and the bolt design of course. The stamped sheet metal receiver is just a device to feed rounds, hold the trigger group, and recoil assy.

I don't mind that it's stronger since it takes flex out of the rifle itself though the new ACE blanks I have are very rigid.
I have used the Global receiver for an AMD-63 build. It took about 3 hours to fit up the front and rear trunions to the Global. Used K-VAR rivets. Has about 500 rounds through it and no problem. I like the fact that the receiver, rails, and ejector were all heat treated. Saved me a lot of problems. Have another in the mail now for an AMD-65 build.
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