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Recommended ways to set rivets on trigger gaurd

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Well, I tried to smash one of the rivets in the trigger gaurd area. For the most part it worked ok, but it is a very difficult place to get to. I used a piece of 7/8'' round steel and a plate on the other side. However, the round steel wanted to bend over a bit and bend the bottom of the reciever. I'm trying to figure out a cheap way to do this without damaging my receiver. I'm on the waiting list for 762's jig, but would like to go ahead and finish mine. Any suggestions. I can't remember if HCpookie ever perfected this section with the bolt cutters or not. Anyone remember? I sat down for a while with a set to see if I could figure a way out to make them fit and got stumped. I open for ideas...I know Hotbarrel has been sucessful with something similar to what I'm trying.
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tac-40 said:
When you have the flat made, then dremel a small indentation in the flat, making sure to NOT GO TO DEEP. This is also to hold the punch in place on the rivet while whacking it with a BFH.
Tac, thanks for the advice. It sounds like it is similar to what I am doing except you use a punch. Let me see if I'm getting this straight. You use a piece of 7/8'' square stock to place on the outside of the receiver to cup the head of the rivet. I use a piece about 2''X3'' and about 3/8''wide. I find it difficult to drill so close to the edge of the steel with my ball end mill. You then use a punch to push the head down and smash the rivet..and you do this in a vice? I have a piec of 7/8'' round steel that I cut flat on both ends and was using it in my press to flatten the ends opposite the heads. Maybe I need to try something smaller like a punch or bolt and hammer then end rather than use the press. Last, I didn't quite understand the statement that I quoted above. Are you talking about an indentation on the end of the punch. I would guess you probably have to be go pretty shallow or otherwise you won't be able to smash your rivet down far enough.


Great idea! I never thought of doing this. This would be an even easier fix until I figured this out. What size tap and screws do you guys use for the trigger gaurd screws?
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Winn R said:
As an alternate, because I could never get the nuts to fit, tap 4 holes in a piece of 1.25" flat stock.
Thats a great idea too. I tried some of the screws I had around and the nuts wouldn't fit unless I ground them down. I'm not sure what I'm going to do.
shadow29483 said:
Hey tac!
Saw a previous post of yours on a hand made(inverted) rivet punch/set....I'm thinking of doing the same!
Do you think by heating up the rivets with a propane torch could make setting the rivets much easier?
Just a thought...Shadow
Shadow, that really sounds like an idea too! I would assume if you got them hot enough they would mushroom better. you would have to do it fairly fast though.
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