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Reloading .223 with 100gr bullets

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Anyone know where I can get 100gr .224 bullets for reloading? Can these be hand made from lead other other materials?
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I'd look at midwayusa or grafs first.
You can also get a bullet swaging die and make what ever weight bullets you want. You can also get a kit to make .224 jackets out of 22lr cases.
My question is why do you want 100Gr in the 224? If you are loading them in a 223 case there will not be enough room for much powder and they will be too long to fit in a AR magazine.. I know some of the high power guys had some 90Gr loads but they were single shot loads. B2B
I would guess for subsonic loads based on the other thread. Loads up around 75gr or larger require a new throat to be reamed as I understand. They usually call that a "match throat".
Subsonic 223 loads I hope ya have a 1-7 twist barrel as well, it will require that to keep the bullets from going in to the suppressor sideways, if you want to run a suppressed AR your better off getting a 300 wisper upper or something along those lines. B2B
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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