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Both of the eye cups on my Romak scopes are squashed. Is there any way to return the rubber cups back to their original shape? I tried heating one up with boiling hot water, but that didn't work. Any ideas?

I know Nightvision Web has replacements for $12.99, but I'm cheap.

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here is what I did . first I ordered a spare and it came out of shape too. next I decided I ha dto fix what I had. what I did was to take a piece of 1/16" welding wire and rap it around a pipe to make a spring. kind of. it is just enough to hold the cup back in shape. it has about 6 or 7 winds to hold the cup out smooth. I have just left it in and even shoot with it in , it colapses with the rubber when I shoot. other guys have thought it was supposed to be their when they saw it. maby in a few years it will hold shape on its own again , but I am fine with it in their.
I think coat hangger is way to heavy, also I bet a welding supply will sell you a piece of stainless rod 3 feet long for short change maby even give one piece to you. you should not need to buy a full box at a welding supply.
hope it helps.

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Here's a good source I've used before:

Accessories > Other

Rubber Eyepieces for POSP Fixed Magnification & All PPO Scopes $5.97

New Style Rubber Eyepieces for POSP Fixed Magnification Scopes $7.97

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