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Unless you've been living in a hole or coma you have probably heard of the Swift Boat vets for truth and their book "Unfit for Command"

I read the book in the last 2 days as I felt it was important to know why 250 or so vets would stand up and send Kerry a letter as they did. I wanted to know what the media isn't saying about the book. Too often in the interviews with the vets it's too short and they only focus on the fact he wrote himself up for medals even though the vets are trying to get to the 1971 senate testimony that angers so many.

Well, I read the book and I'm hopping mad right now! This man (Kerry) has to big one of the biggest self promoting Communist pieces of shit to ever come down the pike. I say this with no reservation either as I do believe these men would not stand on their message if they didn't mean it due to the fact that they are risking their reputations.

I will sum up what I learned that the media is not covering for you guys that cannot buy the book or don't like to read.

1. Kerry was anti-war before he went and seemed to go only make a name and promote himself for later on.

2. He was a lousy officer and many of the other boat commanders refused to go on missions with him due to this. He was shuffled from one unit to another because of these things too.

3. He disobeyed orders often and admits in his book "Tour of duty" that he took his boat to Saigon for fun after a patrol which was off limits.

4. He once almost got his crew in bad stuff because he went up the wrong canal while looking for the way to the Bob Hope USO show he was not supposed to go to. The canal was a known VC ambush area.

5. He often fired on Vietnamese without warning in free fire zones even when he wasn't being threatened.

6. He falsified after action reports and often ran when his boat was fired upon.

7. He wrote himself up for medals even after his CO said no.

8. He lied about his big sliver star incident and who the real heroes of that day were.

9. He was aked to leave after the he had 3 purple hearts and could by his fellow officers.

10. His purple hearts were all cuts and bruises (not what real purple hearts are given for) and he never spent a day in the hospital for any of them. Some were self inflicted also.

11. He testified that he saw attocities which he did not except the ones he committed. He killed cattle and burned a village without any orders and shocked his peers while on a patrol.

12. Many of the men in VVAW were frauds and found to be frauds back then by the media. His testimony was said to be spur of the moment, but it turns out he had a pro speech writer and Ted Kennedy was his big supporter.

13. Some of the men in VVAW were also in the Communist party and worked with Communist.

14. The KGB officer who was in charge of anti-American activities at the time has said that Kerry's testimony is straight out of the handbook they had published to help Communist here in American. The KGB officer said they wanted to capitalize on the attrocity stuff to make the war unpopular. He said he never met Kerry, but he did know some of the radicals that Kerry knew and worked with.

15. He went to Paris to talk with North Viet Nam leaders while he was still a Naval officer. (Treason)

16. He was at the KC meeting of the VVAW where they discussed assassinating senators who were pro war and taking over the capitol uses techniques learned from special forces in Nam.

17. POW's say that they heard his testimony and saw his pictures while in cutody of the North Viet Nam army. They were tortured even more because of his activism.

18. He has consistantly worked against bills and resolutions that are not in Vietnam's favor while in the senate.

19. He has used his service to get elected throughout all his campaigns and he did not throw away his medals away as he was supposed to have done.

20. When he found that being a counter culture hippy type wouldn't get him elected he decided to embrace his war hero status.

21. Because of Kerry the POW's were declared all dead in the 80's by a senate resolution. Something very unpopular with vets and familys of POW's.

22. Clinton used Kerry to help normalize relations with VietNam after Clinton was elected by taking away the barriers of trade and the human rights resolutions.

I could go on here with more, but I think these are major points that show the man is a self serving hypocrite that even for a politician is high.

The number one thing I took away from the book is this:

In my own opinion this man is a Communist operator or sympathizer if there ever was one. One gets a sense from the book that he either doesn't care about people who are or were oppressed by Communism or he is truley a Commie.

If only 50% of what these guys say is true then he is still dangerous and should not be Presidaent. It's very upsetting to think that these people can pull the wool over people in this day and age. I'm sicked by it.

Please take my review as opinion since one needs to read the book themselves for a complete picture and analysis.

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My Dad told me a few years ago that old guys like him (late 50's early 60's) are the only hope for this country. He said we're the ones that remember what life was like pre late 60's and early 70's. We have our kids and families grown now and we might have to give up our lives for our grand children while our sons and daughters raise them.

It's not ment as a charge to over throw the or start a revolution as it might sound. What it means is standing up and saying enough is enough! Sure, if it gets bad some might have to go down fighting, but I think it won't get to that.

What I do see as an eriee parallel is the Switf boat vets and other POW's coming out against John Kerry. They've had enough and they are willing to risk their careers and money to say enough is enough. People like myself and my father bought their book to help their cause as that is what we can do for now. I feel I need to spread the word since I have a terrible gut feeling about Kerry. It might sound weird to some, but the man gives me the shivers, I think he's pure evil and our country cannot have him get elected.

Bush might have his thorns and troubled past, but we know he has done a pretty good job so far. I would hate to chance what flip flop would do to our country.

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I know, once your child always your child.

My next door neighbors (friends) have a son who is 19. I've been some what of a mentor to him over the past 6 years. He used to come over and hangout while I was working on my project car or help me hang drywall. It's funny how I still view him as that 12 year old kid when he first helped me move a bunch of top soil around my yard.
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