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Rguns DM lowers initial review

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A friend and I just bought 3 DM lowers from Rguns. I was a little hesitant due to some reviews of Rguns customer service. Doing business with them was straight forward but not overly friendly. They act like other wholesale sellers from other industries I have dealt with. Shipping was prompt and well packed.
The lowers themselves look very good. I picked them up last night and haven't done any assembly yet. The finish is as good as a Rock River I purchased a few years ago. There are a few very slight marks which may be due to handling. They were all packaged in individual plastic cases. (Nice touch but I don't know what I will do with the cases after assembly) The only thing I can see wrong is the mag release hole is ever so slightly off of perpendicular from the top. All in all I am very impressed fro $65.
Just thought I would share.
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i figured they were pretty good lowers.

i nearly bought some of those sharps lowers R-guns had on sale for $55 a couple months back. but i hesitated because of all the horror tales about the retailer.
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