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I'm getting real excited about my new house, and finally getting to unpack my stuff. I have an idea and wanted to fish for a few opinions.

My bolt cutter conversion will be sitting in my shop most of the time. Once I get my front trunions riveted, I won't need them for some time. SO... I'm thinking about loaning them out... Maybe...

Here's my concern - if I loan out my tools (or rent them?) would that expose me to any liablity or something like that? I like to think optimistically, but we are talking about tools that can be used to make GUNS. Then, if someone uses my tools and breaks something, or the gun blows up, or whatever, I'd feel terrible about it, so I'm inclined to tell myself "don't even go there". I'd love to help out my fellow AK builders here in the tidewater area, so what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? REALLY DUMB idea?

Also, I have some spare rivet sets for those that missed 1-Pat's group buy, so *IF* a new builder finds they need a rivet set, then I'd be willing to send some their way. I don't want to give them all away just to sit in people's tool boxes, but I think we all know how hard it is to dig up reasonably priced rivets for just one AK! Hopefully this will be useful for some of our newer AK builders wanting to build just one rifle ;)

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GREAT IDEA.....I would really like to see this bolt cutter rivit tool. If you decide to loan it out will you put me on the list at #1? Could you send some pics of this tool? I am starting 2 builds this week and by next weekend Ill be ready to rivit the front trunions. Let me know as soon as you know something.

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HcPookie, I'd Love a rivet set, let me know how we can work it out, I'm going to build my first AMD 65

and Second Mbadboyz, Pookie Had pictures of his bolt cutters up on his old website, which is currently down, but there is a PDF of his old website up on here on gunco. It is rar'ed into 15 parts of 10 meg each, with a program called winrar. You can download a demo version of it at (the last piece is actually 5 meg or so). Again this is a PDF of pookies old webpage which is INVALUABLE for its insight and techniques. Of course I expect it to be surpassed when he puts his new website up. But for now do this

and so on until you get to

Thanks again pookie for the wealth of information!

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-Glad to see your back! Screw build-

We're glad to see you back.
Could you possably give me some help on this problem I'm having below?

I tapped all of my (front) trunion holes with no problem.
When It came to the rear trunion the 10-32 tap is to small for the damn hole! The screws I've purchased are for 10-32 for the trunions and the hole is to big, I (don't) want to tap for a 1/4" screw. Some say I have no choice but I'm looking for a second opinion.
Could I fill the holes with jb weld than tap for my 10-32?
Could I use some type of shank or insert than tap with a smaller size?
Exactly how much pressure is going to be on the force of the rear trunion?

I was even thinking of filling the holes with (JB) than setting in the receiver, putting the screws in than just letting it cure.
What's the diffference if you use rivets would'nt it be the same principal?
Please give me some advice guys, I don't want to go bigger on the screws.
I've spent to much time to make this a tacky lookin build with fat headed screws in the rear trunion.
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