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romy g metal finish

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i am building four romy g's and want to know if anybody has tried to match the original finish. I am currently looking at Norrell's moly resin and Gunkote. Not sure which color will match best though.
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I am in the process of building a Romy G as well that is in prestine condition so I only want to refinish the receiver. I was told Parkerize and use the black pre-dip and it turns out almost dead balls on.
I have heard that too, but wanted to avoid the parkerizing because of expense
If you leave the barrel out of the reciever, you can get a small park setup put together for less than you think. The most expensive part for me was getting a blasting cabinet setup, only because I needed one also for projects outside the firearms world. I think you might have to blast your part anyway before moly-resin or whatever oven-cure setups are out there also, so that something to consider. For my Romy-G's I parked to match the original parts and the last ones were spot on.
I am using a nodak receiver. Was thinking that cleaning the oil off and a light scuff would be enough. The receiver is in mint condition. What about coating the receiver before installing the trunions. This is my first build, so i am green. I came across these kits by luck and have decided to take on the project. I bought a jig for the riveting, using my 12 ton press. I feel good about everything, but the coating of the receiver. Any advice would be great. Thanks
I never have, but other people might have a different opinion. I have always just parked the whole reciever or barrelled assembly as a unit. I have no experience with other coatings, but I think you can find just about any instructions for any of them on You Tube. Just search the brand name of the coating you are thinking about.
If you're going to paint it. I think GunKote is the best. You'll want a matte or flat black.

Bead blasting works best for any finish. The NDS receiver has a slick baked on scale from their heat treating that paint or park doesn't like.
just bought parkerizing solution from shootersolutions and black oxide from caswell plating. Using professional spackling cans to parkerize. They are stainless steel and perfect size for ak receiver. Also broke down and bought a blasting the cabinet. Wish me luck, because I got the cheapest one I could find. Also have chosen to use aluminum oxide media. Heard glass beads do not perform well for parkerizing. Will let you all know how it goes. Thanks for the help
Blasting cabinet is not necessary. Harbor Freight sand siphon gun for less than 10 dollars will do it. I use West Texas blow sand it is finer than blast sand. My buddy is a full time gunsmith and uses the same set up, just go outside and blast away. Many satisfied guns.
The AK Files Forums - Post your Romanian AK pictures here: the "old school one". posted by mikegigabyte. [video=youtube;I2BI6hF0vZA]]YouTube - Cold Bluing Revisited: Brownell's Oxpho Blue Part 1[/video]
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