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RPK Idea

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You know, you can get a thumbhole single-stack milled receiver rifle COMPLETE for $270 from

I have a mini mill. I could open up the magazine well as an afternoon project.

Once I track down a good RPK barrel, this could be used as the basis for an "authentic" RPK-47 build.

Add one US buttstock set from ironwood and you're set.

What am I missing? Besides 3 more US parts?
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Polish Taipan said:
We're talking a milled reciever here like the Bulgarians use.

Sounds cool as hell HC, you don't have a FFL do you? :)

Wouldn't that be the same cost about as a Firing line reciever?
Slightly cheaper, plus you get a pile 'o' parts after the conversion is done! ;)

The reasoning here vs. buying a FL receiver, is that it would be like restoring a Saiga to "full" functionality. You're taking a neutered, single-stack thumbhole wannabe rifle and making it a thing of beauty and panache.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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