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Russian "Hi-Cap" Makarov

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I gave away two of these (pictured) as Christmas gifts. The problem is finding the mags. No one makes the aftermarket mags anymore and the manufacturer apparently has no more and can't make a profit making another run. I still keep looking and could use a couple more mags even tho the regular 8-round mags will work.

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This variant is my favorite makarov. Promag made/makes some 10 round mags, but I started having some issues with the promag mags I have. I found a few of the Russian mags on Slim Tim's trader and also got lucky finding a few of the Russian 10 round mags on various forum classifieds. The ones I am looking for are a few of the 12 round Russian mags (same size as 10 round mag but hold 12 rounds). I do wish more of the mags were available. Also had floorplates that would help the 8 round single stack to look nice in the double stack makarovs.
Maybe putting a WTB ad up would help in finding some more mags. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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