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S-12 with short gas system but long barrel

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OK... Ive thought about moving the gas system back and getting the hand guards ect... as if I was going to SBS my S-12 with an 8" barrel... but.. at this time I dont want to send off for another tax stamp.. i have 2 already... but still like the looks of the short 8" S-12's... so... i thought about setting it up like one... but leaving the legal length barrel... anyone have info on how to do this as far as gas port size ect? feasability? ect? kind of like how they do the ak106's ect.
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I would get a hold of this place (not sure if it's a one man operation or not) and ask.
Tromix Lead Delivery Systems

I think it might get complicated since you were going to keep the full length barrel and shorten the gas system.
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