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Saiga 12 hunting action

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I couldn't wait to get out last Saturday with the Saiga 12. Had a little fun with the gobblers in the clover patch. Double bearded one to boot! :thumbup1:

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I only see them at the wildlife refuges in my area.
I'd say about 40 yards. Gotta love them screw in choke tubes. That's my first kill with it since converting. There were two more toms with but I'm chucking arrows to fill my 2nd tag.
Awesome! I thought Turkey season was earlier in the year - I was thinking about going this year. Looks like here in VA its on for a few more weeks. MMM Turkey...
Nice turkey RF guy.

Rails. Yes it seems like yesterday when turkeys were scarce. Now what a comeback they have made.
Down here in North Central Florida you cant leave your house without seeing wild turkey.
People with larger properties put out feeders for them. Usually non hunters and the turkeys hang there like pets.
Every time I drive Rt 40 too Daytona I will see them on the side of the highway.
Good too see they made a great comeback.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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