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Here is a neat step by step guide to converting a saiga to pistol grip configuration and allowing it to use high cap mags. the site is here at and the layout of text and pictures is real nice. The author of this is RS39 (he posts at

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sniper69 said:
I wish I knew too. There is a 223 saiga for sale locally for $250 if i remember right. But $190 would be nice. My thought is that the price of Saigas is slowly going up.
Hi, guys. It's actually my work, not my brother's. He is just hosting it on his web page since I don't have one.

I find the .30 Combloc version of the Saiga at local gun shows for ~$200 +/- pretty regularly. The 223 versions are about $40 more. The website is based on the 223 version, but it and the .30 Combloc version are nearly identical except for the magazines. If need be, you can get a friendly FFl to order you one from CDNN, a company which distributes EAA products. I do not know if you can order directly from EAA.

If you want to keep your build under $300, you are pretty much restricted to the .30 Combloc version. You might could get the 223 done for under $300 if you got a really good deal on the carbine, replaced the gas piston for a compliance part instead of the buttstock, and used a surplus buttstock instead of a US-made one. I haven't done the research, so I am not sure.

I have about $330 in the 223 conversion, not counting the Weigers. The conversion is very easy to do, and if I set up a shop with jigs, etc, I could probably average 25 conversions a day. As it is, the one-time conversion took a little less than 3 hours once all the parts arrived.

I vented the handguard on the .30 combloc carbine. If I get a chance, I will post some pics this week.
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