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SAR Show East

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Anyone here planning on going to the SAR shoe in York, Pa this month? We will be there with 3 tables of guns and other stuff . We would like to meet any of you who can make it.

Here is a link: Up Coming Events
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OH Yeah, I like that show, I was thinking that was in late May.
I'll be there, it's only about 30 miles from me, since I know about it this early I'll most likely take a day off work to go Friday. I will definately stop by and shoot the shit for a little.

Do you have any DP28 semi build stuff to bring along?
Sorry haven't been watching the Project Guns stuff to know what's been happening lately. :(

Thanks for the heads up.

Got your pm Pirate, thank you for answering
we are having dp28 parts made, I have a new conversion for the dpm series. but it needs more testing. we will have a bunch of guns there , 4 rpd's, 3 multi caliber brens, the semu uk59 and a few others as well as some parts & kits.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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