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Evil_Walks said:
I eagerly await the Arsenal Inc. AK74 myself as I won't have to mess with a kit. I was interested in the Arsenal USA '74 but I've read too many stories of folks having problems with their commercial rifles. (I'm not trying to slam Arsenal USA, I've had great customer service with Global Trades in general but the sheer number of negative posts in regard to their rifles is difficult to disregard)
Ditto on Arsenal USA. I didn't care at all for the SSR-85B I had; It was pretty but it bruised the hell out of my shoulder every time I took it to the range. The story I eventually heard was that some of the Polish rifles they used to build them had worn gas ports in the barrels.

A good sauce can hide many sins in the kitchen, and I guess the same is true for pretty parkerizing. Anyway, I'm much happier with the Arsenal of Nevada SA-M7S that I bought next.

As far as the new 74s, I'm pretty stoked. I just pray that they use the original brake. I'd also be happy with the Bulgarian flash suppressor installed as standard.

If the AWB sunsets and stays dead, I plan to get a 74 in 5.45 and another in 5.56 since there will likely be new magazines coming in. As it is, I'm not going to pay $20-$30 for 5.56 Bulgie mags.

September is going to be an expensive month for me. In addition to acquiring new AKs, I'll need to get my SA re-fanged (bayo lug and Bulgarian flash suppressor) and my STG-58 is going to need the original Stoll flash suppressor installed.

This is money I'm going to be very, very happy to spend.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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