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I know this is kind've an old thread and the original poster has probably solved his problem by now, but I thought I'd add in what my solution was for the trigger guard screws. I didn't use a plate, I just used little tiny nuts on the ends of the 8-32 button head screws. You can get them at McMaster-Carr for about $1.89 per 100 and they seem to work really well. They are super small and seem to hold perfectly well. Before someone asks, I didn't use lock washers, I used red locktite on the threads to be sure they wouldn't come undone. Doing this is a lot easier than fabricating a backing plate or riveting, and since the screws are underneath the gun the heads are hardly visible.

The other issue was the mag fitting into the mag well. I just took a couple of thousandths off the rear part of the mag well where the mag cams into the gun and latches. Don't touch the latch itself, just the receiver and the safety lever plate so that the mag can slide right in and latch. Doing this makes for a very snug and secure magazine fit.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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