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Besides of the lack of tools/equipment for a rivet build could someone explain the pros and cons of a screw build vs. a rivet build.
Such differances may include,
Strength? Longevity? Performance?
Not including originality.
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I have done 5 65's 1 63, 3 PMKMS & a 74 using the screw build. I havent counted the rounds put through each one however each has had at least 100+ with no problems. The first few were made with the barrel in the trunion but when I got my press I now remove it before getting the rivet stubs out. I get a good thread cut and use 10/32 screws with the heads turned down in the drill press. I also tap the trigger guard, spacer & receiver in one shot and use the 10/32 screws. I haven't gotten around to lock tite the screws yet but so far everything is doing fine.
Going to try the rivet route on the next build just for the hell of it and to see if I can do it. I my opinion a screw build is the way to go for a first build because you will make mistakes and need to tweek things and it is easier to remove a screw than a rivet
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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