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From an opinionated view of us board members.
Besides of the lack of tools/equipment for a rivet build could someone explain the pros and cons of a screw build vs. a rivet build.
Such differances may include,
Strength? Longevity? Performance?
Not including originality.
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I have done one screw build and I am very happy with it. what I did was to screw the four against the barrel and used rivets on all others. It was an AMD65 and the barrels and pins come out very hard , mine did not budge so I left it and used screws.
Here is a point mentioned by another screw builder, it is obvious after he said it but I did not think of it till he did say it. I think it could be a big advantage for some guys. WITH a screw build you can put differant set ups on the same reciever. MANY KITS ONE RECIEVER. this could be nice for some guys.

I was against the idea of a screw build till I did one. in my oppinion if done carefully, and properly I think it is fine.
I realize it is a lot of work but has anyone ever filled up the space behind the hole , between the hole and the barrel ware the rivet head ends up. anyway if the space was filled up re drilled and taped you would end up with a couple more threads. I do not realy feel it is needed but it could get a full measured amount of thread , and this would answer the only real questionable aspect of the screws so far. honestly their is no need for the empty space with screws , their is no internal head, why not use that space for threads?? I know it sounds far out but it is just a thought.
some guys use a screw with a head that fits into the countersink other guys put a small ring around the screw and use a standard styl head. you can use a center punch to "fit" the reciever into the countersink before you put the screw in.
some carefull welding inside the trunion and grinding after. or maby even some thread fixing liquid stealto fill the area. I would honestly recomend you do not get the trunion too hot if welding .. weld , cool, weld ,cool ,weld , cool a lot. do you have a TIG ? if yes you can put most of the heat into the fill rod and just enough into the trunion to flow it in. filling the area with some kind of liquid steal may be easy, less likely to mess up the trunion and allmost as strong. do one side let it harden dtrii tap then do the other side. then shape any high spots with a die grinder.
could you let us know how much thread area will be gained by this, in other words how deep the notches are in the back that will be filled up . we allready have the other measurements on this thread. you may gain 50 precent or so.
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1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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