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Screw question (AMD 65)

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I was on the ACE site and saw they have 10-32 and 8-32 screws listed for trigger assembly and trunions respectively. Is there any good reason to use different threads on the different areas of the receiver? Why not just use all of one thread?
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What is so hard about taking a piece of 3/16 solid rod, cutting it to size, drilling holes in the ends and tapping them?????????? As far as riveting. I like the idea of a screw build because it is easily taken apart. It is a lot easier to (STORE) a broken down gun then an assembled one. ak'sr4me
Sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way. I didn't mean to. It is just that I have read so may threads on the center support issue that I just don't understand what the big deal is about. I just bought a drill press 2 weeks ago after my 4th build. I was making my center supports using a hand drill. Just center punch it first and drill a hole with a # 21 drill if using 10-32 screws or a # 29 drill bit if using 8-32 screws. Drill about 3/8ths of an inch deep on both ends and tap it and your good to go. If you use solid rod it drills easy and then heat it with a map torch till dull cherry red, quench in motor oil and then heat to blue and let cool on its own. You can make about 20 of them from a 36 inch piece of unthreaded round rod bought at any hardware store for about 3 bucks. If your going to use rivets just buy a roll pin at the hardware for under a buck. Again, I apoligize if I came off the wrong way. ak'sr4me
Also as far as the screws go, I buy them at the local hardware also. I buy them longer than needed and just cut them with a dremel cutting wheel to whatever length I need.In my opinion the 8/32 screws are the easiest for the trigger guard because you don't have to resize the button heads to keep them from rubbing on each other. For the trunions I use 10-32 screws but have on one build had to use 1/4 inch screws because I mucked up the holes when drilling. They work fine too but are a lot more noticable or should I say they stick out like a sore thumb. The center support takes a 10-32 also but I have used 8-32 screws before. A rivet build definately looks more authentic but I like to be able to break down my guns for storage so I prefer the screw builds. ak'sr4me
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I stand corrected. I measured my rod and it is 1/4 inch. Sorry bout that. It has been so long since I bought it because I can get so many out of one length I forgot the size I bought. I made a amd 65 stock out of the 3/16 that I bought. ak'sr4me
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