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Screw question (AMD 65)

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I was on the ACE site and saw they have 10-32 and 8-32 screws listed for trigger assembly and trunions respectively. Is there any good reason to use different threads on the different areas of the receiver? Why not just use all of one thread?
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Also, how about tapping the center support sleeve? Is it doable or will I have to rivet that one piece?
Since both of the srews (10-32 ans 8-32) are otherwise the same length, is there a reason for the different thread ?
ak'sr4me said:
What is so hard about taking a piece of 3/16 solid rod, cutting it to size, drilling holes in the ends and tapping them?????????? As far as riveting. I like the idea of a screw build because it is easily taken apart. It is a lot easier to (STORE) a broken down gun then an assembled one. ak'sr4me
Nothing is "so hard" really. All you need is access to a drill press. Unfortunately i don't have one. I am too new to this town to know anyone who has any power tools beyond a hand drill or a skill saw. I envy those of you who have your own workshops. Not having one is a bad legacy of too many years living in apartments or overseas.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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