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Serial numbers on home-built receiver

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I have read the entire ATF regulations book but could not find anything that specified that a serial number must be on a home-built receiver. Manufacturers, of course, are required to do so. I found the section that says you can build your own receiver as long as you don't sell it. Anyone checked with ATF to get a definitive answer on this issue? Also, anyone checked to see if you can give a firearm away that you home-built? I understand the selling part as that makes you a manufacturer, but seems you should be able to give any home-builts to family or friends. If not, what about when you die? What must be done with the firearm? ATF's book is rather vague on this whole subject.
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It's my understanding that when "YOU" make a gun, it's not for sale/transfer or anything. That means upon your death or even if you just don't want it anymore it must be destroyed (the receiver). Now this might seem draconian, but that's the way I read the rules.

However, if you really want to know, write the BATF and ask them for a ruling on your specific question. When they respond you'll have it in writing.
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