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hotbarrel said:
well I bought the 148 gr. wolf as advised by many and it seems less accurate for me. I was about 1 inch high at 100 yards and 4 inch low at 150 yards. the 200 grain did not drop at all. I was in the center from 75 all the way out to 150 yards.
I did not turn the knob on the scope when I went out to 150 and maby that will bring it up but the next click is for 200 meters and nouthing in between. By the time I go out 200 yards I will be WAY low. I think I will go back to the 200 gr.
Can anyone give me any factual reason why I would not want to use the 200gr. I had someone tell me "it is hard on the barrel" but that seems like opinion, without some more hard facts, like how and why. If it is not going to damage the Romak I am going to run 200 gr.
Anyone with any facts to stear me in the rite direction.

The Romanian PSL is designed to shoot 148 grain ammunition. The rear sights and presumably, and scope designed for the PSL/SVD would be regulated toward that bullet trajectory. Now, I've HEARD that the 200 grain ammo might wear out your locking lugs... blah blah blah because it has higher chamber pressure. I dont know about that. Personally, if I found 200 grain ammo worked better, I'd stick with it. Thing is, 200 grain Wolf is expensive to buy all the time... when Czech 148 grain is so cheap. *shrugs* Up to you.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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