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1911 .45 Barrel Bushing Compensator, Blued - 1104834, Replacement Parts at Sportsman's Guide

i ordered one of these for my 7" barrel project from SMG.

the bad --

#1 made in CHINA

#2 the park finish is like they just put a little candle smut on it

#3 the part is oversized and undersized in every way -- the biggest PITA is the flange is oversized to the point it won't even fit the wrench!!!--

#4 the slots for the comp ain't cut even-- it is like they are slanted to the side-- don't know if it was made this way or what--

typical SMG/CHINA quality-- LOL!

now the GOOD

#1 the 1.25" length of the comp covers the 7" barrel on a 6" slide about perfect--

#2 the barrel bushing is a bit undersized so it fits undersized barrels like rotos about perfect ==

#3 the part of the bushing/comp that fits inside the slide is way oversized and has to be fit to the slide-- normally this would be a PITA but-- remember that wore out 1943 rand? this bushing comp fits that perfectly no slack and tight as a drum.

#4 the steel they used seems pretty strong , no flexing or deflection when the spring plug contacts the flange.

so in spite of it being a crude, china made part, it can be fitted and the oversized areas and undersized areas can be made to fit. they can be handy for tightening up a slide with a loose bushing slot and they seem to be a nearly perfect match for a ROTO barrel.

no i wouldn't put on on a storm lake-- but they seem fine for a roto--

being that the outside of the bushing is soo oversized --i even ordered another one for my 1943 remington--
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