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smith&wesson M&P-15 $599 after rebate.

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<center>WEEKEND SPECIALS</center>

CDNN has some nice deals on the excellent s&w mp-15 rifles for the next few days.

the least expensive on the optics ready carbine is $599 after a mail in rebate of $100

now i hate mail in rebates. but this is awful tempting.

i think all S&W ar -15s are high end rifles with the chrome lined 4150 cv steel barrels in 1-7 twist rate. i think they also have the heavy m-16 style bolt carriers and a bunch of other mall-ninja gold plated features off the so called god-chart. IIRC. i have seen a quite a few sw ar-15 and all were top notch.

anyways if i didn't have a rack full of carbine ar-15s i would be a calling CDNN. and if this with a middy or a lw rifle i would be calling to add another ar-15--LOL

you do have to call in and ask about the S&Ws --they might even throw in some free mags if you talk nice!
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The deal isn't showing up for me.
may had to call them on monday about this deal
it is one of these internet special email deals. it ain't on their site. ther website only has gun parts . no firearms on the website. you will have to call and ask about it.
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