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so what do you carry ?

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sometimes I carry a Ruger P-90DC .45ACP other times I carry my S&W 642 Airweight Centennial
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Crap, I am like a women with shoes, but for me it is guns....

What I carry depends on several conditions
(1) Temp outside
(2) what I am wearing
(3) where I am going
(4) is my family with me
My carry weapons include
Beretta m21 22lr pistol (pocket gun)
S&W 640 357mag (full steel, not lightweight)
S&W 638 38sp airweight
Glock model 30 45acp
Glock Model 21 45acp
Now, I am not listing all of my handguns, just the ones I carry.
Now you are gonna ask me about why it is different if my family is with me.
Simple, I will not carry my 22lr if my family is with me. Not that the weapon will not do the deed, but I want to make sure without a doubt that the deed is done.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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