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From the Komrade Kerry files:

Kerry's wife donates money to militant left wing anarchy groups..

From the Wacko Jacko file:

Michael jackson annonces today that a suragate mother is pregnant with quadruplates for Michael..

Just what Mike needs, 4 more kids at his disposal to moleste at any time..

From the Canada is really our enemy file:

Fox news still banned in Canada.. Al Jezera T.V. is perfectlly fine..

40% of Canadian teens think America is a evil country..

Watch out folks Canadians walk amung us..

From the F#$%ed up entertainer files:

Linda Ronstadt dedicated a song to Michael Moore, and credited him as being a true AMerican Hero... She was kicked out of the Alladin Casino in Vegas for doing this.. The management feared a violent outburst form cutomers in reaction to Ronstadt's comments....

Puff Daddy, or what ever the hell he calles himself these days... Says he is going to get into the political game and throw his weight into the ring to get Kerry elected..

This could be bad news...

From a movie..

I watched S.W.A.T., there was a scene were the bad guys were using Tec-9s, later in the movie the police cheif in a news conference said they were armed with AK-47s...

Kinda reminds me of a certain school shooting..

Just some stuff that disturbed me today...
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