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some of the pps-43 tube gun build.

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first off hello all. i amm trying to address the same thing i tryto bring up on weapons guild with no such help. let roll on and here is can a pps=-43 be welded on, can u use a AR15 BUFFER-5RECOIL SPRING TO RECOIL A 7.62X25 pps-tube gun? it was a pps-43 bolt i meant on welding. thanks perry
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Perry, Are you wanting to put a recoil spring guide rod at the back like a sgn-9ish build? The pps43 bolt will work in a tube if you cut the bolt slot correctly at an angle and remove the back side of the handle where it would protrude into the tube. If you're adding a guide rod for the AR15 spring and to add weight, you can pin it on like this one (a modified suomi bolt) for a sgn-9.
What all do you have in mind?


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Thanks muttman, I just wish remodeling was as fun as making gun parts.
sorry for taking so long on replying first i am laying stuff on the table and thinking of all the possiblities, i am thinking a 870 or a ar trigger parts for a fcg, a carbine butt stock plus a ar recoil spring, a standard trunnoin mod a little to change barrels to fir both 7.62x25 and a 9mmlargo out of a 18 to 20 inch barrel apic rail on top.
also the cocking nob on the leftside and made like a sten. aself made firig pin .
one more thing, a important thing is the ejector? i think of tack welding something like the original inside the tube somehow. this is the hair puller and i thought of adding a bolt extention to make the ar buffer spring work . i probably work on this on off for the next year so i am not in a rush so keep pouring the ideals in please and thank u very much. i have lately gotten help from the fine guys on weapons guild also. 2- heads r better than one if u know what i mean.
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