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some will make a lot of money because of this

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FBI investigates U. Md. beating by police -

beating 'em with a club while they are on the ground..................

that kid will be set for life after the ambulance chasing lawyers get done with the cops
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Well, you gotta admit, it was pretty damn unprovoked. The officers were in no danger what so ever and there is absolutely no excuse for their actions.
If they feel that their reaction was necessary or legitimate than they have no place on a police dept. They should be fired or at the very least demoted and taken off of street duty.
*Please note, that I am in no way anti-police. I have many friends that are officers and I am generally very "pro-cop" but this is just absurd.
I say give him a fat check, sue the sh*t out of the dept. and fire the cops involved.
That kind of thing is quite common in MD. I'm happy to see national coverage of it.
fire the cop and who ever that is involved in it. ^^^^ yeah that stuff is pretty normal in oakland ca also. specaily ppl getting tazed when they are on there knees or stomach aready
I love the quality Police work in the Wire! Makes me wonder if that's SOP.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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