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sorry to ask

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sorry to ask but I have to, I know it has been covered before but I realy would like a quick short answer. when the replys get 3 pages long I get overwhelmed. so here is the question. Can I sell a gun if I put it togeather from a flat that I bent. my consern is no serial number and transfering.
sorry I know I am asking a lot, but I am hopeing for the facts short and sweet.
thanks hotbarrel
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If you are making a firearm without the intent of making it to sell it , you are okay.

If you ARE making a firearm with the intent of selling it you are "in the business" of making firearms. If you do this without a license you are commiting a crime.

Now , if you make a firearm (without the intention of building it to sell) and you later decide to sell it , it would be legal to do so.

You know what your intent is. Don't do anything illegal.

Making for yourself = okay

Making to sell = illegal
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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