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sorry to ask

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sorry to ask but I have to, I know it has been covered before but I realy would like a quick short answer. when the replys get 3 pages long I get overwhelmed. so here is the question. Can I sell a gun if I put it togeather from a flat that I bent. my consern is no serial number and transfering.
sorry I know I am asking a lot, but I am hopeing for the facts short and sweet.
thanks hotbarrel
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If you read what the BATF says....NO

Many people try to bend what the rules are concerning this matter but if you just read the information and don't add anything to it you can't do anything with that receiver. It's made by you for you, period.

10 years in jail/$10,000 fine or both isn't worth dicking around with. Barracks lawyers will tell you anything but it's your ass that will swing. Don't take any chances, it's just not worth it.

If you buy the receiver through a FFL, it's like buying a gun. You can sell/trade/give it to anyone who may own it.
Triangle 66 said:
If you are making a firearm without the intent of making it to sell it , you are okay.

If you ARE making a firearm with the intent of selling it you are "in the business" of making firearms. If you do this without a license you are commiting a crime.

Now , if you make a firearm (without the intention of building it to sell) and you later decide to sell it , it would be legal to do so.

You know what your intent is. Don't do anything illegal.

Making for yourself = okay

Making to sell = illegal

Sorry to say but I disagree. I believe to many people work the BATF words to their liking but the words won't stand up in court. I would hate to have to defend myself using Triangle 66's definition against a Federal Prosecutor. I think I would be seeing 10 years in jail and or a $10,000 fine. Were not just talking about what color to make your AK, were taking about "JAIL TIME". Just my .02
cammobunker said:
Yeah, I believe it would be illegal to sell. However, if you were needing money or whatever, you could always reduce it back to a parts kit with about ten minutes work on a saw and Viola' no more firearm, just a pile of parts.
Yeah, yeah, I know, but the reciever is just a chunk of bent sheet steel, right?

I agree...
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