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Soviet AKM Wood & Mags!

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FYI, this is the company where I bought my AK-100 folding stocks. Very fast considering they are in the UK. Real nice people too.

Is it just me or do those handguards look *sweet*????

And check this out... *new* AK synthetic mags ***AND*** 8-round Saiga 12-gauge mags, and SVD mags:

QUESTION: Can we purchase these mags directly from the UK w/o a form 6 ???

- Jerry
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Some of the wood items are NOT exempt from the VAT .
If they were that would be great.
It looks as though the buttstocks are exempt.
Those 40rd steel 5.45 mags look cool
Now if they could get some non-demil'd Russian 7.62 baklite mags.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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