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SS m4 6.5 grendel barrel & bolt sale $247

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AR-Stoner AR-15 Barrel and Bolt 6.5 Grendel Medium M4 Contour 1 in 8" Twist 16" Stainless Steel - MidwayUSA

midway has this 6.5x39 grendel barrel and bolt set on

if you type in the promo code you get an extra $25 off knocking the price down to $247

the code is 254101

the code won't show till your near the final page of checkout. at first it will just show code applied--or some such--

if i wasn't hip-deep in a xm-177E2 replica build i think i would order one of these!
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the deal is over it looks like their back to $329 for the barrel bolt combo.

the show some 6.8spc barrels and bolt kits for $274 coming soon. i would check back in a week or so at midway.
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