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stainless steel lower parts kits?

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anybody build a lower with these stainless steel lower parts kits that are being sold by aim, CTD and other places?

good? bad? middle of the road?

i think it would be interesting to build a all stainless ar-:nanabang:
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I helped an old friend correctly install R-guns marked box SS lower parts on a sun devil lower a couple months ago. They were of better quality than LPK I've gotten from M&A or Model 1. The trigger guard pin was a heavy duty spiral instead of the normal "C" if you look at it from the side. It was slightly too large and I wouldn't recommend using it. The hammer and trigger looked well cast and there were no other issues other than the pin. The trigger pull was gritty which is sort of standard for a parts kit, but was easy to fix. I can't say how well they will hold up, but they didn't seem soft. S&W uses ss plated hammers and triggers on their guns, or at least they did back in the 80's because the ss ones didn't hold up well. That would be my only concern.
a all stainless ar would be on the heavy side but i figure a guy building one of these would not be too concerned about weight.

yea i was wondering if they were too soft. although stainless can be hard depending on the types of metals used.

i just wonder if one was building an ar for maximum corrosion resistance would it be worth it?

that ni-treated barrel looks good for this type of application too.
The finish on his looked like it had been glass beaded, but was very fine. It took less time than others I've done to get a good trigger pull out of it because the trigger sear surfaces were already flat and true which alot of them aren't. They did seem as hard as regular parts. For $55 or so You won't be out much if they don't hold up, and the castings were good and clean with no voids or porous spots like I have in several of my lowers that seem to be holding up just fine.
I love stainless..:) Ive been wanting a stainless bolt carrier and barrel for my rifle :nanabang:
i wonder if anybody makes a stainless upper receiver?

i think most of the parts can be found in stainless but some are not yet produces in stainless yet.
i wonder if anybody makes a stainless upper receiver?

When I saw the first SS lower 20 years ago or so I thought the same thing. The lower doesn't really see much stress, but the upper can bend a little especially if there's a lot of weight hanging off the barrel.
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