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Stump the C&R Guys - What rifle did "The Rifleman" use?

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Click here to hear the Rifleman theme.

Many of you grew up watching The Rifleman. One reviewer wrote, " As long as McCain had that Winchester, he was the toughest and smartest man on Earth, able to solve any problem at home or in town."* Indeed, Connors, a professional athlete, could fire 11 shots in 2.5 seconds, or so it seemed in the opening music score. Actually, the rifle only held ten rounds, so they added an extra one to fit the music. So, what rifle or rifles did the sod-busting character, Lucas McCain, use in the series? Here is a pic:

Chuck Connors played Lucas McCain, "The Rifleman."

*See, TV Party.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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