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I said it before and I'll say it again... You can't have enough sets of good tools AND cheap tools. I have at least 1 additional set of Chinese tools for each of my Stanley, Craftsman, and Mac sets. The good sets have a lifetime warranty and are replaced if you break something. The cheap stuff can be thrown away when it breaks and you don't worry about it. I have reservations about making custom tools out of high dollar stuff, but I don't have a problem taking torch or welder to the Chinese pieces.

Harbor freight also has a digital multimeter for $3.99 and it comes with a battery. For that price, you can almost afford to throw it away when the battery dies. Telescoping magnet-on-a-stick was $1.99. Telescoping mirror-on-a-stick was $2.99. I can't get out of the freakin' store without spending at least $25.00 every time I go!

Rat tail files and flat files will both be necessary for finishing off the magwell, trigger, and pistol grip nut holes. Ideally you should have coarse and fine tooth files of both types. A set of jewelers files would be nice, too. They're really small and can get into really tight areas.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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