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Click this link and it'll take you to the online petition:

This link is to a poll for Rumsfeld:

Support Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld!

Democrats, mainstream media, and moderate Republicans are playing politics with the war on terror by calling for the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld over the issue of armored Humvees in Iraq.

President Bush has reaffirmed his faith in Donald Rumsfeld by asking him to remain in his cabinet for his second term. We stand with our president and the leadership of the Republican Party who have expressed their confidence in Secretary Rumsfeld.

"Secretary Rumsfeld is doing a spectacular job, and the president has great confidence in him. He's also transforming the military. And any time you do that, there are controversies," said White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card on ABC's "This Week."

"Secretary Rumsfeld is doing a great job leading our efforts at the Department of Defense to win the war on terrorism and to help bring about a free and peaceful Iraq. And he's instrumental in our efforts during this time of war we are in," White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan added at a recent press briefing.

"I am confident that Secretary Rumsfeld is fully capable of leading the Department of Defense and our military forces to victory in Iraq and the war on terror," Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) said in a written statement. "Most importantly he has the confidence of his commanders in the field and our commander in chief."

Therefore, we, the undersigned, express our steadfast support for Sec. Rumsfeld, and we urge President Bush to reject any efforts by the media, liberal detractors, or disloyal Republicans to push for Rumsfeld's resignation or ouster. In times of war, there is no place for playing politics with the Department of Defense.
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