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Supporting trunnion while pressing in a barrel.

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While pressing in a barrel, when the trunnion is installed in the reciever, how is the trunnion supported? I saw a picture of a square bar thru the mag well and under the trunnion while the barrel was being pressed, but it looks like all the stress will be exerted on the bullet guide. Is there something resting on the bar that I can't see in the picture? I don't know how to post a pic, but I could e-mail it to someone who can.
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Take your cut off tool and fashion the clamp end of an I-Bar clamp to fit into the trunion area... Or you could fashion a fitted plate to bolt onto the clamp, then drill the clamp and bolt the plate onto it. Plenty of possibilities! ;)

- Jerry
Probably. I know *someone* who used a floor jack and the bottom of their workbench! ;)
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