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Spending a day at a Gun Show with SalBo is like swimming with a shark.

Just got back from the Charlotte Gun Show. I went with Bobby Smith and Scott Gammons. I found a nice Enfield Mark IV, got some ammo, but most of all I learned how to swim with the big shark ? Bobby. Scott cautioned me to follow Bobby, much as pilot fish follow great sharks. It gave me an opportunity to witness Bobby?s ruthlessness. You should be so lucky!

Bobby begins a Gun Show by traveling from one isle to another, making sure the vendors notice him. Sometimes, he would say hello, and look at their products, but then move on. Then, he chooses a few vendors and circles them once, striking up conversation about their product, then saying he would be back. He would ask them ?how much? for whichever products he wants. No matter what they say, Bobby will ask if they will take less. Usually, he asks, ?Is that as low as you?ll go?? Most make a counter-offer to their own asking price! If not, Bobby makes one, which he expects them to reject. Scott says this is like a shark ?bumping? its intended victim before a final attack. When the vendors reject his counteroffer, he thanks them, then moves on to his final attack patterns. Bobby circles his intended targets one by one. He lets them see him looking at the product they had discussed, then he gets their attention, so he can make a counteroffer. In one instance, he offered to buy four $35 soft gun cases for $100.00. The vendor wouldn?t take less than $120, so the shark moved on to more likely targets. Remember, this shark only eats vendors who want to be devoured! One time, we watched Bobby pick up a set of beautiful, new in-the-wrapper $85 wrap-around Colt wood grips for $20! Apparently, they didn?t know what they had and only wanted $25, but Bobby wasn?t satisfied with a great deal, he wanted more! Bobby picked up a couple of $200 gun kits for $175, and a couple of $65 folding AK stocks for $100.00. He picked up some other items for his wife at about 20% off, all in all a pretty fine job of shopping! Bobby put a big bite on willing vendors, but they were glad for it! I was impressed. When it comes to shopping for firearms, the man is not just a shark, but a Great White!
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